Diyala: Al-Ayn continues to re-build the homes of orphaned children to provide them with shelter

As part of its efforts at providing a dignified life for orphaned children, the Al-Ayn branch in Diyala continues to re-build and renovate homes.

After having cared for orphaned children after their loss, some families needed extra support. One family with ID number (109459) who lost their father before he completed the building of their home, were swiftly provided support by Al-Ayn who completed the remainder of the construction and brought smiles to the faces that had been burdened by the harsh poverty they were facing. 

Al-Ayn places a great emphasis on housing for the orphaned children and continues to encourage the contribution of donors towards the building and renovating of homes throughout the provinces of Iraq.

تاريخ النشر 2017-11-12